Dufour 360


6 beds
1 toilets
3 cabins
10,73 m
3,54 m
1,90 m


Dufour 360: the first in the Grand Large 3.0 line


Inspired by the standards of the larger models, this new hull provides innovative features, such as a new window at the intersection of the bridge and deck that optimises the cabin owner’s natural light and a new passage for halyards and sheets that are thus concealed and make the deck neat and tidy.

The stern has been closed to improve safety while sailing and comfort at anchor, in line with the philosophy of the Dufour range. The hull of the Dufour 360 has been designed to provide the best balance between sailing performance and space on board, both above and below deck. The optimisation of the rudder, the rationalisation of the stern volumes and the new water lines ensure great stability at all speeds


We note the new Millesime fabrics together with the new shape of the saloon table that add elegance and livability to the interior. The entrance hatch has been replaced by a door that integrates into the deckhouse.