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Tavolara and Molara islands in Sardinia

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In the North-East cost of Sardinia it shows itself a granite mountain that rises up from the sea and gives the name to the protected marine area: Tavolara.

Tavolara, also well-known as the smallest kingdom in the world, 560 metres high, 4 Kms long, with its verticality, the chromatic shades of the greens of its flora that match with the blue of the waters all around.
The famous Area Marina Protetta di Tavolara embraces an area full of coves and bays in crystal-clear waters from Capo Ceraso to Punta s’Isuledda and it is the ideal destination for diving and snorkeling lovers.

Few of the most popular beaches of San Teodoro ( and of all Gallura area ) are only few minutes far from the island: Cala Brandinchi, with its white sand and transparent waters, its twin Lu Impostu, an arch of almost one kilometres of white sand and diaphanous waters, Cala Ghjlgolu with its peculiar shapes, La Cinta, the most famous and crowdy beach with its 3 kilometres of very thin sand that close the breath-taking promontory of Puntaldia.