Boomerang, why choose us?

Boomerang began and works in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, in the northeast of Sardinia, and embraces the most magical marine area of ​​the Mediterranean, where the wind and the sea have carved unique landscapes. From the Gulf of Orosei to southern Corsica, through the national parks of Tavolara and the archipelago of La Maddalena, our idea was born out of here.

The two partners, Angelo and Sergio, have always shared a strong passion for sailing, regattas and the sea in its purest form and thanks to this enthusiasm a dream has been realized.

From an initial fleet of 10 boats, we’ve reached a remarkable milestone of 28 boats, from 35 to 55 feet, and three catamarans from the best shipyards in the world. The company is in constant renewal, and this year we are planning some big changes.

As the team is from Sardinia, we have very good knowledge about the area and it’s natural for us to share our experience. Our motivated team are well trained and encourage personal routes and valuable suggestions, not losing sight of the needs and tastes of our customers and their various nautical skills. This success is confirmed by the very loyal relationships we have established with our customers.

Unforgettable will be the experience of sleeping at anchor, lulled by the waves in the many protected bays, where the only noise will be deafening silence, and lights and chaotic everyday life will be just a memory. An aperitivo awaits you, as well as the pleasure of being carried by the wind and the pure, intense pleasure to sail.

Good Wind!

Our team

Angelo Usai

Owner and Administrator

Despite his passion for sailing, bureaucracy (his specialty) inevitably awaits at the office!

Sergio Contu

Owner and Base Chief

Sergio and sailboats: a love without borders!


Vanessa, Caterina and Monia

Professional and always on hand!


Base Team

simply professional, extremely competent and happy to be at our clients service!

The North Sardinian Coast

A wonderful itinerary on the north coast of Sardinia: departing from our charter base at Portisco, pass through Porto Rotondo, following the islands of Mortorio and Soffi. Head to the Costa Smeralda: Cala di Volpe, Porto Cervo, Poltu Quatu and Cannigione. Going along the coast you will reach Palau and Santa Teresa di Gallura.

The South of Corsica

The south of Corsica is conveniently reachable in just a few hours of sailing from our Portisco base. At first glance you will find the islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo. Towards the coast of Corsica lies the the island of Piana. Sailing north you will encounter the isle of Ratino, the gulf of Santa Manza, Cala Rondinara and finally arrive in Porto Vecchio.

The great gulf of Olbia

This itinerary suggests navigating in the gulf of Olbia: from Capo Figari you go towards the lighthouse of Olbia passing by the beaches of Golfo Aranci, Cala Sassari, Nodu Pianu and Pittulongu. Towards Tavolara you will find the beaches of Marina Maria, Li Cuncheddi and Capo Ceraso. Once in Tavolara, you will discover Molara and its famous pools.

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