The South of Corsica

The South of Corsica is easily reached in a few hours sailing from our headquarters in Portisco.

Leaving the Maddalena archipelago, we face the islands of Lavezzi and Cavallò. These exciting islands are rich in creeks that allow you to find shelter whatever the wind.

To the south of Lavezzi, there is Cala Lazarina with its magnificent beach and crystal clear turquoise waters. The island is fantastic in every corner. Beware though, it is undermined by hundreds of semi-submerged rocks and we recommend you to navigate with caution, using nautical charts and navigation tools provided. We do not recommend travelling here with the southwest wind and the mistral, because it is located in the Straight of Bonifacio where the wind and the sea are particularly hostile. The same rule applies to the island of Cavallò. Here you will find a small village and a beautiful but expensive harbor. We do not recommend switching between the two islands, if not following other local boats.

South Corsica

Pointing toward the coast westward of Lavezzi and Cavallò, there is a small island, Isola Piana. It is very unlikely that you will have ever seen a natural pool of this size before. Very close to the mainland, this unique place is beautiful with its blue crystal clear water that stretches for about half a mile. It is opposite a beach frequented by windsurfers and kitesurfer.

Depending on the wind direction you can find good anchorage in the north and south of the island. It is prohibited to cross the “Passo della Piantarella” because the depth is about 1.5 meters. Imposing itself around the islet of Ratino you will need to strictly follow the nautical charts to respect the alignment of the channel.

Continuing sailing to the north, on the left you will find a great gulf, the gulf of Santa Manza, very useful as a shelter in case of winds from the west. It is recommended as a possible stop if sailing to Porto Vecchio.

Another good stopping point is at Porto Vecchio Cala Rondinara, which as the name suggests, is almost round. It provides good protection from nearly all the winds and waves except those from the southeast. It is an ideal place for a stop for lunch before heading back to the Porto Vecchio. Beautiful!

Continuing north along the coast there are many coves that are less famous than those mentioned navigating along the gulf of Porto Vecchio. This harbor is very lively, with several bars and restaurants right on the harbor. It is a perfect destination for those who want to experience more than one usually would in a week. Porto Vecchio offers excellent shelter against any wind storms from the west. It is a very serviced port, and is equipped with docking for ships bound around the Mediterranean. It is also home to several shipyards that provide assistance to vessels of all types. This requires one to follow with great attention the chart and reference points for the entrance to Porto Vecchio.

Bonifacio deserves a speciasl mention.

The fjord and the city of Bonifacio are absolute wonders to visit and navigating between white cliffs to get to the harbor is breathtaking. Heed attention to the ferries, as they are quite large and the space available for maneuvering is tight. Going up on foot to the old town, built on the highest part of the cliff, you'll discover stunning views of the Strait of Bonifacio to Sardinia in the background.

Due to its strategic position, Bonifacio had for centuries been sought after between the French and English. Today it is a town chock full of local shops, bars, and good but inexpensive restaurants. Discover the charm of these two large twin islands, and enjoy the two nations with completely different habits. Although the language may differ, they have in common sincerity, a very strong attachment to their land and have a great sense of hospitality.

The people are very welcoming, but also demand respect for their land and their belongings.

* This information is intended solely for tourist usage. Yachting & Charter S.r.l does not accept responsibility for other usage. For navigation, always refer to the official nautical charts and pilot books.

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