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Excellent service all over.

Unknown 2 - Principessa Alice - Lagoon 440 from 25/09/2015 to 01/10/2015

Very good

Michel - Difora - Sun Odyssey 45 from 13/06/2015 to 20/06/2015

Best charterbase I ever have been

Mr. Adler - Damada - Cyclades 43.4 from 30/09/2017 to 07/10/2017

The boat and service was of an exceptionally high standard.

Unknown 4 - Erika - Sun Odyssey 49 from 18/09/2015 to 25/09/2015

He boat owner of the Dufour 412 GL was a local charter company, very well organized. The service was efficient, both on arrival as check-in and return as check-out. The sailboat was a 2016 model, recently built, performing and in good condition. We did not have any problems and we had a lot of fun!

Ivan - Francesca II - Dufour 412 GL from 12/08/2017 to 26/08/2017

All services were perferct. Very nice holidays.

Unknown 3 - Cinzia - Oceanis 37 from 25/09/2015 to 01/10/2015

Super service, super holiday! Great Company, nice Support , in particular we appreciated the provisioning on board Service so that at our arrival we found food and drinks ready for us! Super charterbase, very welcoming. Really a great week.

Uhrig - Cinzia - Oceanis 37 from 14/10/2017 to 21/10/2017

Completely fantastic

Ronald - Anna - Oceanis 40 from 09/05/2015 to 16/05/2015

Excellent boat, thanks!

Olivier - Mary - Oceanis 37 from 01/08/2015 to 08/08/2015

I was fortunate enough to book a 41ft sailboat, then on the day of departure I was upgraded to a 49ft. The company was professional, kind and helpful.

Manuel - Julieta - Oceanis 411 from 24/06/2017 to 08/07/2017