Regata dei Legionari? Sailing with friends!

2017-10-10 Caterina posted:

The famous competition, today well –known as one of the most legendary fun ragatta for sailing lovers, takes part in the last weekend of October and offers the possibility to join to a special events.

Regata dei Legionari 2017 Sailing with friends!

His name is linked to the memory of one of the best sailors Sardinia Island has ever known, Andrea Campesi who died in 1993; he was a boatswain in Marina di Porto Rotondo and its “legionaries” decided to start organising a 2 days fun competition on his memory based on pure sailing, friendship and love for the sea.

We are so proud to see our fleet as part of this special events where not only expert sailors but also sea lovers with their own boats can join the group.

Take a look to the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo website for more information.