Sardinia: Traditions and Territory

2016-02-11 Caterina posted:

You'll love the ocean endlessly! It is your mirror, you observe your soul in it. In how its billows endlessly unroll your spirit's bitter depths are there to see. (Charles Baudelaire)

Sardinia has a unique coastline with beautiful beaches, stunning granite formations, caves, secluded bays and beautiful turquoise waters so clear its clarity is incomparable. Throughout history, coastal zones have been the landing point for many conquerors (Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians, Spaniards) who have contributed to the formation of the particular Sardinian culture and tradition. An open-air museum in the heart of the Mediterranean, this appellation is a World Heritage Site, composed of 8000 nuraghi, dolmens, menhirs, megalithic circles, hundreds of tombs carved into the rock, as well as the necropolis Phoenician, Roman ruins and old abandoned mines.

Northeast Sardinia: wind...relax...tradition and glamor! A sailing holiday in Sardinia offers satisfaction for every need: relax on the white beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters, taste the local cuisine through a variety of traditional and modern restaurants, shop the luxury boutiques and discover the night life in Costa Smeralda’s highly exclusive clubs, the destination for jet setting internationals. All of these are easily reached within minutes right from our location: Marina di Portisco.

The Sardinian tradition is also expressed through oenology and gastronomy, renowned throughout Europe. Its unique culinary art is based on a wide variety of fresh local produce, and the now world famous cuisines are undoubtedly the roast suckling pig, cooked on the grill or under the earth over low heat, pecorino cheese, as well as the infamous Cannonau red wine. Unlike the rest of Italy, bread is the most used dough, the most widespread and well-known version of which is definitely the Carasau, crunchy and very thin. As is the case with regard to the Sardinian culture, you can see great difference between the coastal and the inland cuisine. The simplest dishes are meat, vegetables, bread, milk and cheese, herbs, honey and fruit in addition to yogurt (did you know that yogurt was in Sardinia as well as in Greece for 4000 years?). It is no surprise that the specialty of the coastal area are based on the wide range of fresh products offered by the Mediterranean. In particular, some of the most known and appreciated "seafood" have been conditioned over time by the invasions and foreign colonies which have given them the characteristics that have made them so appetizing. Just to name a few: "Sa Cassola", soup composed of at least 7 quality fresh fish and "Su Mazzamurru", a dish made of bread, tomatoes and pecorino cheese, both inspired by the Spanish cuisine, as was the Burrida based dogfish, olive oil, garlic, vinegar and nuts, of Genoese origin.

We look forward to having you and helping you discover the beauty of our spectacular and welcoming Sardinia!