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Best charter ever, Sergio, the skipper, made a pefect briefing on Saturday, funny and very informati...

Unknown 1 (Giustina - Oceanis 38 from 09/10/2015 to 16/10/2015)

All services were perferct. Very nice holidays.

Unknown 3 (Cinzia - Oceanis 37 from 25/09/2015 to 01/10/2015)

Excellent service all over.

Unknown 2 (Principessa Alice - Lagoon 440 from 25/09/2015 to 01/10/2015)

Completely fantastic

Ronald (Anna - Oceanis 40 from 09/05/2015 to 16/05/2015)

Big kisses, we will come back!

Thomas (Damada - Cyclades 43.4 from 03/10/2015 to 10/10/2015)

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Dusseldorf Bootmesse, simply the biggest event in Europe for Watersports lovers

The boot Düsseldorf offers much more than simply an interesting exhibition: experience pure outdoor feeling on the indoor creek, go sailing at the sailing school or meet experts and stars at the activity centers. From cooking to relaxing furniture, everything that has to do with the sports is here! Non interested to buy? Just admire about 1,800 yachts and boats on show: this is all you can do!It is a huge platform that gives space to a number of companies and each...

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Why choose boomerang?

You can expect rapid boarding thanks to the renowned professionalism and availability of young, enthusiastic and multilingual staff. We will welcome you on board and after an individual and group briefing, we will follow you throughout your vacation by offering our service and support in any navigation area you have chosen.